1972 Green
Owner: Ywan Willemsen in The Netherlands
Car info:
This beautifull green 72 is in Holland.
We don't have a history of this car except for that it's lowered.

The present owner is not sure if he likes it or not. He's thinking of getting it back to it's original level. Sounds good to us, but this is nice too. There's another lowered GS on this site; on the 71 gallery, a light blue Riviera, 10th pic from the top.

On the engine picture you can see that the air-cleaner is replaced by a mixer for LPgas. Gas prices in Holland ar so high that not any Riv-nut can afford to drive on gas. LPgas-price is about 40% of the gas price. That's why most US dinos in Holland have an LPgas installation build-in.  The government is promoting  LPgas cause its cleaner than gas and thus better for the  environment.

The owner wants to detail the engine, but so far so good.
It's a very nice daily driver.
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