You were wondering what had happened to the beautiful, somewhat battered, 1972 Buick Riviera from Due South?

I can tell you exactly what happened to the car.

I bought it.

Flew to Michigan and drove the car home, going most of the way through Canada. The car has really comfortable seats..... You can doze off in them. Good for sitting in a parking lot. Not so good for driving at speed down the 401. Never seen a car brake so well in loose gravel......

Current tags on the car are LCV 70S, in honor of the show's plates. They would have been LCV 705, but Vermont won't let you have 3 digits on a vanity plate. Early next year, if all goes well, the plates will be replaced with the plates that my grandfather had.
Problems that have cropped up? Well.... I had to jury-rig a windshield washer system using lots of rubber tubing and the jets off of a '78 Buick Estate Wagon, as the only available part that I could have easily gotten is owned by somebody who will probably part out the junked Riv long after any of the remaining usable parts have rusted away. Not that I'm bitter.... Whoever replaced my vinyl roof didn't count on large amounts of rain like last summer. Fortunately, it's only leaking over the passenger seat, and just at the rim of the windshield..... The Riv developed a short in it's interior lighting system. As it turned out, the light in the rear driver
side was shorting against the body.... When I got the car, and thank goodness they never asked to look in the trunk as the U.S. border on the way home, the lock cylinger was gone from the trunk. The latch was still there, and the solenoid from the power lrelease unit. After splicing the wires together, the trunk opens perfectly..... And somebody bondoed the rear fenders and trunk lid, and the rust is slowly starting to bubble through again.

I do have one complaint about the car: I've noticed it a couple of times, and it's no big thing, but every now and then, if I'm taking off in a hurry, the rear tires lose their grip. I think part of it's due to the fact that the rear end is light. All I've got in there now is a spare tire, a jack, a lug wrench, and a couple of other odds and ends.

I also had a brief scare last September. After driving the car in a parade, I stopped at a yard sale on the way home(I'm hoping to find a set of center R caps), and when I got in the car to leave, it wouldn't start. All the idiot lights came on, then everything went dead. And then, after playing with the battery cables and the arrival of a Triple A wrecker, the car started. As it turned out, the connection on the positive wire was pretty well corroded through. One mechanic looked at it and said if they scraped all the corrosion off of it, there wouldn't be any copper left to connect it. So I made an appointment to have the cable replaced, and they did. But on the way home, I had this nagging feeling that something was wrong. The only thing I could think of was that they'd replaced the negative cable. But what self-respecting garage would make a mistake like that?

They could and did. So I now have a new set of negative cables. One is grounded and the other isn't, since they didn't have any positive cables of that type on hand.

I've also had a new power steering pump put in, after the old one ran dry. I had the power steering belt tightened, which caused a hairline crack to form in the resivoir of the old pump, and all the fluid leaked out. Took the garage 3 tries to figure out what happened, which is why I took the Riv to a different place for the battery cables.

But I love this car. She's my baby.

I love your site.

Rick Fiddock